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2017 Keynote Speakers


Agents of Change: How Everyday People Can Have an Extraordinary Impact

Brett Culp is the personal cinematographer for Hollywood stars, music icons, beloved authors, hall of fame athletes, and royal families. His films are featured on Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, and other top digital platforms. Brett’s uplifting keynote speeches deliver practical methods for aligning teams behind a meaningful mission and creating growth through trust and genuine connectivity. His high energy programs are filled with touching moments, extraordinary filmmaking stories, humor, and insights about developing rewarding relationships through generosity and authenticity. His message impacts audiences on a personal level, motivating them to find the best within themselves and bring it to their world. Brett has been featured in USA Today, Entertainment Tonight, WIRED, The LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Lifetime, WEtv, and many more. The newest edition of the college textbook Documentary Storytelling devotes an entire chapter to Brett’s production style. He is the co-founder of The Rising Heroes Project, a 501c3 that supports charitable organizations and empowers community leaders.



The Promise of the Science and the Challenge to Practice

Dr. David Gastfriend, MD, is Scientific Advisor at the Treatment Research Institute (TRI), the research and policy resource behind the Addiction Severity Index (ASI), the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Criteria Level of Care Certification, the National Parity Monitoring Project, and the Consumers’ Guide to addiction treatment. An addiction psychiatrist, Dr. Gastfriend directed addiction research at Massachusetts General Hospital and was an investigator in the NIDA Cocaine Collaborative Study, the NIAAA COMBINE Study, and the NIDA Clinical Trials Network. As Vice President at Alkermes, Inc., he directed publications on Vivitrol in clinical research and health economics. Dr. Gastfriend’s ASAM Criteria research contributed to their endorsement by most U.S. states, the VA and DOD. His 150 scientific publications include The ASAM Criteria and Addiction Treatment Matching. He is Chief Architect of CONTINUUM – The ASAM Criteria Decision Engine™ and has consulted to the governments of Belgium, China, Iceland, Israel, Norway, Russia and the United States.




Delaney Ruston is a Stanford trained physician and social change documentary  filmmaker who has spent nearly two decades shedding light on mental health issues. Examples of her award-winning documentaries include Unlisted: A Story of Schizophrenia, about her father, Hidden Pictures, about global mental health, and Screenagers about the impact of excessive screen time on children’s development—including the risk of Internet Addiction. Delaney began studying filmmaking during her Medicine Residency at UCSF and made her first film then. A strong believer in the power of partnerships to elevate key messages, Delaney has won several awards for her collaborations with America’s largest mental health organizations as well as The World Health Organization. An internationally renowned speaker, Delaney shares surprising lessons learned from science and personal stories, including her own which often moves audiences to reexamine their own stories. Delaney and her work have been featured in the NYT, USA Today, Good Morning America, Washington Post, Huffington Post and many others.